A walk in the English springtime

The people who have visited me so far – to whom I am grateful, and about whom I am most curious – seem to have been interested in the bluebells I wrote about before. Today I went for a walk. I do most weekends, following a familiar route from the yard where my wife keeps her horse to our home in town. I have walked the same way, with variations, for over five years, through all weathers and seasons. Here are some¬†photos from today’s walk. I am not a serious photographer; I just like to record what I see, but would like to give you the essence of what it is like in this little portion of Sussex, England at this time of year.

The bluebells are out

The bluebells are in full glory in our UK broadleaved woodlands. They cover the woodland floor with a heavy oily blue mist that always makes my heart ache: I want to gather them up, take them home and protect them. Failing that I photograph them on my mobile while I am out walking or cycling. They remind me of my childhood – and being in love. I am not much-travelled; I wonder if there are bluebells in the woods of other European countries right now.